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Monday, 28 April 2014



What kind of mindset will assist you in achieving amazing amounts of wealth? What beliefs
and traits can you adopt that will allow you to have tremendous success financially? How
quickly and frequently will you find yourself asking yourself these kinds of questions?


What are you beliefs about money, and about making money? Whatever they are, be
prepared to get rid of most of them and build in new beliefs about money. Unless you really
don't want a lot of money. In that case, keep whatever beliefs you already have! Some
people have beliefs like: money is scarce. Money is very difficult to get. Money doesn't
grow on trees. Rich people are selfish. Rich people are evil. Nobody likes rich people. I am
not the kind of person who can be rich. Get rid of these beliefs, and adopt new ones! How
about: making money is easy once you know how. There is a lot of money in the world. I
expect to have money. I can learn ways to make a lot of money. I have all the resources I
need to make a lot of money. Making a lot of money is easy and fun. Money goes to good
people. I deserve lots of money. Creating a great deal of wealth is natural for me. Adopt
beliefs like these, and you will be rich! Your beliefs determine your reality. Adopt beliefs of
people who have made a lot of money. Meet people who have made a lot of money. Ask
them what there beliefs are about money and making money, and try on those beliefs. Read
Think and Grow Rich and try on some of those beliefs. Do not listen to people who try to
give you limiting beliefs about money, unless they themselves are tremendously successful
financial. If you adopt their beliefs, you will have financial success similar to theirs. If you
adopt the beliefs of people who have made tremendous amount of money, then you will do

If you simply change one belief, you will not see any results. Your other limiting beliefs may
tend to cancel it out. Wantonly get rid of all of your limiting beliefs about money, and
replace them with better ones. Set some time aside every day to identify the beliefs you
currently have that are limiting you, and replace them with better beliefs. After you have
many such beliefs, they will all support each other. Then you can't help but make a lot of


People that have been tremendous successful financially tend to have a great deal of
enthusiasm and passion. They have incredible drive, energy, determination, and persistence.
They do not give up if they don't succeed at first. Many fantastically successful
entrepreneurs, for example Colonel Sanders and Walt Disney, were turned down dozens
and dozens of times. Almost no one thought they would make it. But their passion and drive
carried them through to never give up. You find this kind of drive in successful
entrepreneurs. Their desire to accomplish obsesses them, they think about it all of the time.
If you want to be incredibly successfully, create for yourself a burning passion. The key is to
have this kind of enthusiasm, drive, and passion, and have the clarity to make good
decisions at the same time. And to have fun while doing it! And the playful curiosity to test
different things, and the tenacity to find out what works. And the clarity to make good
decisions, the clarity to use what works and discard the rest. You know how to do this!
You learned it in the last report. You can use the brain machine to create a state in which
you have this. But how do you make it a trait? There are several ways to do it. One is to
use the brain machine and experience those states to the point where it becomes a habit. If
you do something every day for 21+ days, it becomes a habit, and therefore a trait. Another
very powerful method which will create a trait is to use the generative patterns that I discuss
in these reports. Actually, a generative pattern is better than a trait, because you
automatically and continuously move in the direction that you seek and continually improve.
Another thing you can use to adopt some of these traits is handwriting analysis.

Handwriting analysis is an amazing science from which you can determine personality traits
just by looking at someone's handwriting. It can really be useful. (It you are in a situation or
are ever in a situation where you are hiring or screening employees, I would definitely have
handwriting samples given to a handwriting expert. It's not necessary for minimum wage
jobs, but for more important jobs, this could save you a lot of money from hiring someone
who just isn't right for the job. You can find out whether the prospective employee has traits
that will work well for the job, or poorly. Is the prospective employee the kind of person
who might cut corners, procrastinate, or likely to steal if given the opportunity? Or is this
prospective employee loyal, determined, and hard-working? Handwriting analysis is used to
screen employees extensively in Europe. Over 80% of companies in France use handwriting
analysis to screen employees.) Certain traits in handwriting that are found in people who do
well financially include traits such as enthusiasm, high self-esteem, determination,
persistence, willpower, intelligence, and emotional intensity (resulting in passion and drive).
There is a science called grapho-therapy by which you can actually adopt new personality
traits by changing your handwriting. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT intentionally make any
permanent changes in your handwriting other than the ones I tell you, without consulting a
handwriting expert or grapho-therapist.

The two traits which are most correlated with both financial success, and success in general,
are enthusiasm and high self-esteem. Enthusiasm is the trait with the most correlation to
success, financial or otherwise, then any other trait. Get enthusiastic! It will sweep you along
to achieving you goals-and it will sweep other people with you because enthusiasm is
contagious. High goals and self-esteem is also an essential trait. How can you reach
anywhere near your incredible potential if you are afraid to set your sights high? If you set
your goals high, and know that you are the kind of person who can achieve them, it will help
you tremendously.

You can adopt both of these traits simply by changing the way you cross your t! Cross you
t's at the very top of the stem. This is self-esteem, high goals, confidence, ambition, the
ability to plan ahead, high self-image and high personal expectations. Also, make you t-bar
long to acquire enthusiasm. The t-bar is the horizontal line that you cross your t with. Make
it long and balanced. By balanced I mean that it should be both on the left side of the t and
the right side of the t. Don't make it longer just by making the right part of the bar longer,
make it longer on both sides so that it is balanced. Make the bar rather long, but not
excessively long. In order for these traits to become a part of your personality, you must
practice them every day until this new way of crossing your t becomes a habit. Write a
entire page of t's every day. You must do this for at least 21 days, probably more. Do it
until it becomes such a habit that you automatically make your t's this new way without even
thinking about it.

There is actually a second component to high self-esteem besides the high t-bars, and that's
large capital letters. The capital letters on your signature and person pronoun I are
particularly important. If you currently make your capital letters small, change your capital
letters so that they are nearly three times as high as your lower case letters such as o, a, and
e. (Practice this on unlined paper. When you are writing on lined paper, your capitals need
only be as big as possible while still within the lines.) Particularly practice making your
personal pronoun I and the capital letters in your signature nearly three times as big as your
letters such as o, a, and e. Do not make any adjustments to you capital letters unless you
are currently making your capital letters small.

For more information about handwriting analysis, grapho-therapy, and some of the other
traits I've discussed, you can contact: Matt Gaffney, PO Box 85689, Seattle, WA
98145-1689. .

By the way, you will probably notice changes to your handwriting happening automatically
by applying the other techniques that you've learned in these two reports. You should not
attempt to make any changes to your handwriting other the ones I've mentioned, but
changes will happen automatically as a result of the new traits that you are adopting using
the other techniques in these reports.

There is only one trait you really need to succeed as an entrepreneur. There is one treat that
will allow you to experience tremendous success in every area of your life, financially and
otherwise. It is called by many names: courage, guts, determination, a willingness to do
whatever it takes. This is really all you need to succeed as an entrepreneur. And, adding
certain other traits will allow you to succeed more easily and more quickly.

Know your outcome, get your outcome

An important thing that you must do in order to get the most of out life is to decide what it is
that you want-what do you want in general, and what do you want in any given context.
What specifically do you want. Decide specifically what you want. What specifically will
you see, hear, and feel when you get what you want. Then determine what has stopped you
from getting it up until now. Maybe it is just that, until now, you weren't clear what you
wanted specifically. Maybe you didn't create an action plan for getting it. Maybe you just
weren't motivated enough to do it. Usually, the only thing that was stopping you was a
thought. If you take control of your own brain, you will be able to accomplish the outcome
that you have set. Create a plan for how you are going to get the outcome. You may need
to do some research in order to create a plan that will be effective. Analyze everything.
What could possibly go wrong, and if so, how will you deal with it? That way you will
already know ahead of time what to do. Is this really what you want? Is it consistent with
the other goals that you have set for yourself? How will you stay motivated?

You must also create an evidence procedure that will allow you to determine whether or not
you are getting closer to your outcome. Did you know that a rocket is almost always off
course? The rocket is off course, and a correction is made so that it is back on course.
Adjustments continually have to be made to the rocket, to fine-tune it so that it will reach the
destination. You must be able determine what you specifically you will be seeing, hearing,
and feeling when you are getting closer to your outcome. When you are not getting closer to
your outcome, you must have the flexibility to do anything else in order to get back on
course. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting
to get a different result. You must change what you are doing in order to get a different
result. Keep testing, and testing, and testing, in order to determine what works. Then use
what works, and throw away what doesn't work.


What do you have to do in order to truly be happy? If you ask anybody, they probably
have a set of rules. They'll tell you if this happens, and this happens, and this happens, if
they make a million dollars, find a gorgeous looking spouse with a perfect personality, and
become a really important, powerful person, then they'll be happy. I'm sure that you have
some set of conditions of what you think has to happen in order for you to be happy. But
do you know what it takes for you to be happy? All that it takes is for you to allow your
mind to release those feelings of happiness. Remember what I said about how people have
a representation of the world, and they make the mistake of thinking that that's the real
world. Remember what I said about how powerful beliefs are. If you believe that you have
to have X, Y, and Z in order to be happy, then that will be true for you. Until you change
your mind, and change the way you represent the world to yourself. You have already
learned the secrets to controlling your own mind. You can feel happy any time you want to.
And you have other ways to motivate yourself instead of putting off happiness, so you have
no need to deny yourself the happiness that you can experience it now. Some people might
think that they should not allow themselves to be happy until they have accomplish a certain
task, because they worry that they won't be motivated to accomplish the task if they are
already happy. But that's not true. If you are happy, you will be more motivated to
accomplish them. Besides, you already have learned in these reports how to create a
motivation strategy for yourself that will work perfectly without having to deny happiness for
yourself; you can experience happiness now.

Some people think there are things more important that feeling good. But there's nothing
more important than feeling good while you do them, because the better you feel while you
do them, the quicker and better you'll get them done. Besides, fears and unreasonable
worries are mostly what stop people from accomplishing things. Once you come from this
place of already being happy, and knowing that you can continually amplify these good
feeling no matter what, you will have nothing to fear. You will be able to make the most
useful decisions. You won't take any risks that you shouldn't take, but you won't be afraid
to take those risks that you should take. You will use the brain machine to feel the passion,
the powerful confidence, and drive to accomplish amazing things, have the clarity to make
good decisions at the same time, and you will have a great amount of fun doing it, you will
use your playful curiosity and your tenacity to experiment and find out what works best. Just
use your brain machine.

Does this mean that you should never have bad feelings? No, bad feelings are actually very
useful. What you should do is, whenever you feel a negative feeling, first figure out what the
message of that feeling was, and commit to acting on the message. After that, immediately
get rid of the feeling. You can immediately do that using the techniques in the last report.
Use these techniques to create a good feeling instead.

In other words, the bad feeling told you that you need to change something. Discover what
that it, and commit to the change. Then change your state of mind from the unresourceful
state that you temporarily experienced because of the bad feeling, and into a resourceful
state of mind (by using your brain machine or changing your internal representations) so that
you will now have the resources to act on the message, and to get whatever outcomes you
may have.

What is the message of the bad feeling? The message is usually that you need to change you
map or representation of the world, that is, the way you are perceiving things, or the
meaning that you attach to things. Occasionally it means that you should not change the way
you are perceiving things, but instead you need to change what you are doing; change your

Here is an example. Let's say that you have a feeling of nervousness or fear. Perhaps this
feeling is caused because you want to approach a member of the opposite sex. Probably
the feeling is telling you that you need to change your map of the world, the way you are
perceiving things. You have some beliefs that you need to change, or should change the
meaning that you attach to things. Maybe you have a belief that if you get rejected by a
member of the opposite sex, it means that you are a worthless human being. This is a belief
that you should change. Change the belief, and then change your state from a state of fear
into a state that will be useful for you.

The fear may mean that you should change your behavior. Let's say that you know that this
member of the opposite sex is married, and she is married to a jealous professional wrestler
who just got out of prison for beating up the last guy who flirted with his wife. Well, you fear
is telling you that you should change you behavior and not approach her. The fear served its
purpose and now you realize that you should not approach her, so now you can change
your state into whatever state you want.

So, whenever you feel a negative feeling, determine the message, that you either need to
change your map of the world or change your behavior, and then immediately get rid of that
bad feeling and replace it with a good feeling. And then act on the message by changing
either the way you are perceiving things or by changing you behavior. You never have to
wallow in bad feeling unless you choose to; it is a choice. You can choose to feel good
now. It will help you succeed.

Create your own future

The secret to getting whatever financial success in life you want is by thinking the same
thoughts and having the same beliefs as people who have that level of success. When you
do this, there can be a conflict at first. These new beliefs and thoughts are going to conflict
with your old beliefs at first. If you already had these new beliefs, you would already have
the financial success you want! It is only when you step outside of your comfort zone that
you can experience new results. Do not fall into the trap of worrying about whether the new
beliefs and attitudes are "true". You have an old set of beliefs which you thought were true.
But the question is not whether they are true. The question is, are they useful. Do they get
you the results that you want. If your present thoughts and beliefs were getting you the
results that you wanted, you would not be reading this! So you must step outside of your
comfort zone. Embrace confusion! This may be the most powerful thing that you ever do. It
will allow you to grow. Embrace new beliefs. Adopt the thoughts and beliefs of self-made
millionaires, and you will become one. Think of someone who is making 1,000 times more
money than you are. Is he working 1,000 times harder? Is he 1,000 times smarter? Of
course not. He simply has different beliefs and habits of thoughts than you do. Why can't
most people duplicate his success? Because adopting new beliefs is uncomfortable or even
terrifying at first, because they conflict with present beliefs. You will feel uncomfortable at
first. You may have doubts at first. Your friends may think that you are crazy. Are your
friends self-made millionaires? If so, listen to their advice, and emulate their thoughts and
beliefs. If they are not, should you listen to their doubts? Their doubts are what prevents
them from becoming self-made millionaires! Don't let their doubts infect you. Just allow
yourself to adopt new congruent beliefs.

Now, in order to make the shift so that you can become a self-made millionaire, you must
reprogram your subconscious mind. This usually takes a long time and a lot of effort to do.
Fortunately, I'm giving you the cutting edge technology to make is easy to reprogram you
unconscious mind. The methods described in reports #1A and this report are the most
amazing, cutting-edge, breakthrough technology for reprogramming your subconscious mind
for financial success, and success in all areas in your life.

Best of all, you can use a generative pattern to move in the direction that you want to go.
With a generative pattern, instead of simply reprogramming your subconscious mind, you
can reprogram it to automatically and continuously move in the direction that you want, and
it will seem natural. You will find yourself adopting all of beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors
necessary for tremendous success, naturally and congruently.
Now, here is another generative pattern that will allow your brain to move in the direction
that you want. You can use this pattern to create your new future-a future in which you
possess untold wealth, and everything else in you life that you want.

Turn up your playful curiosity dial so that you can use the powers of you imagination for this
amazing generative pattern.

A generative pattern (this pattern as well as other generative patterns) allows you to achieve
an outcome. Remember that you must have a specific outcome. What exactly will you see,
hear, and feel when you get it. But instead of just focusing on the outcome, the generative
pattern moves you in a direction that makes the outcome inevitable. So the direction doesn't
specifically deal with the outcome, but it does make it inevitable that you will achieve your

Stand up. What you are going to do is step away, and leave yourself behind. Take a few
steps backwards, and pretend to see you, your old self, standing there. Take a few more
steps backs. Right now, you are not you, you are a wise prophet. Step back and take a
look at your old, current self. Create a new image of yourself about 20 feet to the right of
your old self. Stand about halfway between the two selves, but several feet back from them.
You are going to create this new self. You are the prophet, use your wisdom in order to
discover what traits your new self will have to have in order to accomplish everything that
you want. How will you behave in different situations? What characteristics do you want to
have so that you will be able to accomplish your dreams and have tremendous fun in the
process? Spend several minutes constructing this new you. You can let your unconscious
mind do most of the work in constructing the new you; it won't take much work on the part
of your conscious mind. After several minutes, step into the new you. Notice what it's like.
How do you see, hear, and feel things as this new you? What beliefs do you have? How do
you behave in different situations? What is different about this new you? Now, step out of
this. You are the prophet. Analyze this new you. Is it everything you want? Will it allow you
to achieve everything that you want? Is there anything that you need to add to this new you?
Is there anything that you need to take away? Is this new you ecological? What I mean by
that is, analyze all of the possible consequences of this new you. Is the new behavior going
to alienate anybody close to you? Or will it improve your life in every respect? Allow the
conscious and unconscious mind of the prophet to analyze everything. Is there anything that
you would like to change? If so, begin reconstruction of this new you. Once this is
completed, step into the new you and notice what it is like. Step out of it and into the
prophet. Notice again if this new you is what you wanted, examine all of the possible
negative and possible consequences. Keep reconstructing and trying out the new you as
many times as necessary.

Once the prophet has made the perfect new you, step into it. Look into the future, and
notice how it's different. If your future is not exactly the way you like it, then do the above
process over again. What exactly do you want to see, hear, and feel in your future? Does it
match the future that you are seeing now? If it is exactly the way you like it, notice how
incredible you future is going to be. Notice the incredible pleasure that you will experience
as you look towards this compelling future that you've created for yourself. Turn up the dial
for blissful, ecstatic happiness as you look at this new future. Now imagine a picture to the
left of you. This is the picture which represents moving away from this new, compelling
direction that you've created for yourself. As you look at this picture, think about the worst
possible thing that could happen to you. What is the worst, most painful thing that could
happen to you, that you would want to avoid at all costs? Think about that as you notice the
picture to the left.

Now look back and forth between the new, compelling direction, and the picture to the left.
Which one are you going to choose? You'll notice that your attention is automatically drawn
to this new, compelling direction. Every time you try in vain to move toward the picture on
the left, you automatically move into this new compelling future that you've created for
yourself instead.

Now imagine that someone was trying to hold your head below water, trying to drown you.
Would you let them drown, or would you fight for air? Are you going to let anybody or
anything take away your true, intended future? As you look toward this compelling future,
notice the realization that you are going to fight for it with the same intensity you would fight
for the very air you breath. Now

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