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Saturday, 26 April 2014


It started immediately after independence when our country, Nigeria was officially recognized as an independent state, I still read till today the fanfare that ensued, but what Nigerians don’t know was the thoughts in the minds of the colonial masters. We used to be slaves to them, but we just gained freedom officially, but not total freedom because we were yet to be free mentally, they knew the secret to being truly free which is through the mind, everyman they say is a product of his mind, but they never freed our mind. Hence, as long as we we still carry around that slave mentality we will forever be slaves either to our colonial masters or ourselves.
They kept telling us we were not good enough, nor are we their equal, because they knew we will always be second rated. This slave mentally drove us into believing we have to speak their language to be successful, so we learn trades in their language. This same mentally drove Michael Jackson one of the most fulfilled black man in African history, to change the colour of his skin while his mind wanting always to prove to the whites that blacks are their equal, but it never worked out and I’m sure we all know till date in America the story has only improved, but has not changed.
Back to Nigeria, Our cultural values system has been totally deleted through this same slave mentality embedded right from the colonial master’s invasion into our country, they made our leaders sell our God given nature and culture in exchange for pairs of mirror and other things. We now hardly speak our language; in fact we feel ashamed and sometimes get punished for not been able to speak borrowed languages well. We see it as a thing of pride when our kids know foreign cultures but not ours, we usually call it civilization, we don’t eat our meals any more neither do we tell our kids the story of our generation. We gradually became a lost generation.
Gradually our nation and heritage started dying, but even at that we were unperturbed, so far we still had food on our tables, but quietly Boko-haram and unemployment started eating deep into our society wrecking more havoc than we’ve seen in the last decades. And yet we still haven’t gone back to the drawing board for us to understand how we got here in the first place. We forgot the only item we are producing which is oil, can’t even employ 1% of our employable hands, while the rest the government is struggling to engage in unproductive activities, hence we had a very huge volume of unproductive civil servants whose weight has started telling on the nation’s budget, threatening by the day our co-existence as a nation.
Kidnapping, armed robbery, rape and insurgency has now taken headlines in our news editions, since we had so many idle hands in our society, they eat by the day and so must exert their energy on something or someone, interestingly they chose to destroy our nation, our heritage and value system. Hunger or unemployment is now the excuse of most crimes because they know, that aspect of our society is already a norm, everybody is either hungry or unemployed. Our political system has enriched so many that we now see political offices as National cake where everybody has to have their fair share before it finishes, the saying “survival of the fittest” is now so often used, what happened to being our brother’s keeper, and loving thy neighbor as thy self.
Nigeria, created as a giant even before our colonial masters invaded us is still blessed. Our riches (though we kept losing them to foreigners) are beyond bound; unlimited resources God has placed in our hands. We can still tap from them only if we are willing to change our attitude towards our resources, create products from it and sell them to ensure we create wealth within our society.
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My name is Soyebi Samson, I stand for Positive change in my society, Engage me Nigeria, Engage Change.

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