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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Our Concern at Engage Me (Nigeria) Youth Initiative

Our nation, my nation (Nigeria) filled with all requirements of wealth creation but still languishing in poverty. As much resources we hold so is our level of poverty. We have the market for any product but yet we have refused to produce, forgetting that wealth only comes when u're selling. We kept on in our impoverished status till our able youth were lured into taking arms against our nation, all in exchange for money. We are saying the time is now for us to begin in the creation of wealth by engaging our youths in the production of goods and essential services, promoting skill acquisition, as this is the only way we could close the gap between the rich and the poor in our country. Today, we provide wealth for other nations of the world that recognized the economic viability of our nation, but we are still living in the excitement of oil exploration.  We stand tall today by asking our fellow Nigerians to engage Nigerian youths through the promotion of local content products. We believe for each Nigerian product you buy you're feeding a family, so please take poverty away from our society by buying from Nigeria. I am Nigeria, We are Nigeria, engage us Nigeria so we can help build this nation with our youthful strength, engage us Nigeria, so we youths can use our strengths in building this nation, engage us Nigeria so we can stand as God’s heritages for our coming generation, engage us Nigeria so our nation could stand tall among others.
God bless Nigeria.

Long live Nigeria.

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