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Tuesday, 29 April 2014


The Key to Successful Interior Design - Is a Good Client Brief

How do you extract your good client's brief?
I always use this example as I feel it is an abundant problem here, is that we follow like sheep! People see a kitchen design in a magazine and then everyone has to have it. The designers follow the European trend and everyone gets coerced into the same design. Then even more magazines are published with almost identical kitchens, it is absolutely crazy.

We don't study and learn design to be the same as everyone else - we strive to create something different, unique and most of all personalised for our clients needs.

I believe strongly that the key to successful design is taking a good client brief. Just like the construction of a building, you need a good solid substrate and foundation on which to start building and that is the client brief.

I can send you to more reading on this topic; I will now go through some of it and expand on the theories of how to obtain the best brief that you can work with. The great thing is that after a while this will become second nature. The more you practise getting inside people's heads the better you get at communicating with them and instilling trust for them to open up with their ideas. Design is teamwork, anyone with an ego that thinks they know it all might as well stop now, good design is about communication between you and the client, and you never stop learning as a designer, but I guess you all know that, that is why you are here reading, learning and extending yourselves. Congratulations by the way!

Anyway, long gone are the days when a designer had a style that people came to you for, they now need you to create them their own! They need to be able to tell you if you are not heading down the same path, not finding you approachable and then later end up with a design that they dislike such that they feel it has been forced upon them, this will not be good for them and it will always end up on you, your skills and your business creating bad impression on others. You definitely do not need this. As they say, more
people spread the word if something is bad than when something is good as they feel emotional about it, it has upset them!

You have probably all learnt about this topic, but it never hurts to have another opinion, even if you are happy with the current way you take a client brief, you may find a few extra bits to add in that are useful from today.

more to come tommorrow....

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